Health Level One, Inc. services the Nutritional Supplements, Natural Products, Vitamins and the Cosmaceutical Industry to provide analytical testing for Purity and Potency in addition to various basic parameters such as Physical and Chemical tests and measurements…

Stability Program

Health Level One Inc. provides onsite Stability Study storage and testing for a full Range of Chemical, Physical, and Microbiological Tests.

We support long and short-term (accelerated) stability programs for Research & Development and commercial products.

Our stability chambers and rooms are mapped and monitored for temperature and humidity to insure your satisfaction.Some highlights of our stability program:

  • ICH Compliant Protocols and a well-defined set of SOPs for stability testing conditions: General Stability protocol for Long-term and Accelerated Studies, Labeling, handling and storage of stability samples and computerized testing schedule.
  • Stability Storage per ICH Guidelines.
  • Dedicated Facilities for 25°C and 40°C Storage.
  • Computerized sample entry and reporting of stability tests.